Jul 10, 2023Liked by Melinda Copp

Wow, big picture sharing, I will try to limit my comments to less than 1150 pages! As corporations build inestimable wealth, and billionaires continue compounding their wealth, and promote their slanted opinions in media, dangerous singularities are forming over the face of the planet, where these often socially, ecologically, and spiritually irresponsible forces dictate the distribution of resources pillaged from Mother Earth and its other inhabitants. Unions,, at least theoretically, have the power to redistribute resources more fairly among the workers. I have been a union member for over 47 years, and without their support, I would not be replying to your letter today. I am less than enthusiastic about the apparent direction our country is threatening to head towards, shepherded by a corrupt US Supreme Court, and supported by the Trumplican party. I hate to think that only one political party has a clue about America's real needs and how to meet them, these truths were once considered common knowledge, and should be obvious to all educated Americans. I see an uncertain path ahead, regardless of which political party dominates in the near future. There are certain American truths that are self evident, that all men, and women, are created equal, etc. For now, my union membership tells the world how I feel about the potential for benevolence from our corporations, and many billionaires. Thanks, Melinda.

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